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          Adversity seeks to break through the three major transformation points of wire drawing machine industry


          In recent years, domestic prices continue to rise, once cheap labor is no longer cheap, consumers'awareness of rights protection is also growing. This situation also causes the cost budget of labor and raw materials to increase continuously, which has become a headache for many wire drawing machine manufacturers.

          In fact, it is no longer effective for the environment to compete for market share by means of "OEM" and "low-cost competition" simply relying on human resources. In order to solve this problem, manufacturers must realize that "external force" is only a supplement, and good practice of "internal work" can cure the root cause. At this stage, China's technology trade only accounts for less than 2% of the total import and export value. Faced with this dilemma, drawing machine enterprises want to go out of the trough and how to proceed?

          At present, there are three main directions for the transformation of foreign trade enterprises of wire drawing machines:

          First, to open up new markets, develop e-commerce and expand trade in the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

          Entering the domestic trade market;

          Third, relying on innovation in technology, products and design, we should build our own brand in foreign trade.

          In the long run, the third seems to be the final choice. In fact, in the export competition, many Chinese enterprises have tasted the sweetness of strengthening design and cultivating their own brands.

          In Magic Capital Shanghai, the share of brand products in GDP is on the rise, especially the brand building of foreign trade enterprises has become an important grasp of Shanghai's economy and enterprise economic innovation-driven, transformation and development. These famous brand products are mainly concentrated in mechanical and electrical equipment, food processing, agricultural products and processing, light industry and building materials.

          To enhance the brand image, we must improve our own technology, and the company's system and culture are also very important. In addition to improving the quality of their products and developing independent products, we should also make breakthroughs and innovations in business models. Innovations in the organizational structure and industrial structure of domestic and foreign trade groups can also promote the further upgrading of foreign trade.

          These improvements, then the profit margin of wire drawing machine manufacturers and the strength of their own enterprises can improve a grade.

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